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Download the latest version of CE Phoenix Cart now and you could start selling today!
It can be as easy as 1...2...3!

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1. Set up Hosting - you will minimally need a server running PHP 7.1 and a database
Check CE Phoenix Cart Hosting Partners to find a suitable hosting partner - they can install Phoenix Cart for you

If you already have a host server, CE Phoenix Cart can now be downloaded, uploaded and installed easily with Softaculous or Installatron.
This can be done directly by going to Softaculous or Installatron but they are already available on many host servers - look for them in your host account cPanel and look for CE Phoenix there.

or download and install yourself -

2. Download CE Phoenix Cart - after download, unzip/extract the download on your computer

3. Upload & Install CE Phoenix Cart - upload CE Phoenix Cart to your hosting server and install

Need assistance?
Check CE Phoenix Cart User Guide for full instructions
Check CE Phoenix Cart Forum to seek help
Check CE Phoenix Cart Developers to find a Phoenix Cart Certified Developer to do it for you