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Sat Dec 31, 2022 9:58 am
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The idea of this contribution is to make the administration of product options, option values and attributes much quicker and easier.
It uses a technology known as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). This enables us to do is make page sub-reqests without refreshing a page.
In this case, it enables us to make a attribute manager that sits on the product addition page. From which, you can do everything (ish - see notes) that the product attributes page does but in a much more convenient and tidy way.
+ Updated "escape" to "encodeURI" in admin/attributeManager/javascript/attributeManager.js to fix special character encoding. Thanks to @GdNico for the report and suggested fix.

+ updated deprecated session functions for Phoenix Thanks to @vmn

+ added install script for sort_order column in products_attributes table if missing. Thanks to @radhavallabh and @Patrick_R for the report
+ Added instructions to modify product info options attributes module's query to use product based attributes values sort order

+ updated all code for Phoenix compatibility
+ moved configuration entries from attributeManagerConfig.class.php to Admin: Configuration DB entries
+ added support for Wholesale Lite. Thanks to @BrockleyJohn
+ removed unused and obsolete qtpro support code which was left over
+ removed Atomic updates

+ removed obsolete inclusion of deprecated attributeManagerUpdateAtomic.inc.php in admin/catalog hook. Thanks to @zeeshop for the report
+ Added version info to admin/catalog hook
+ corrected wrong update instructions

+ Fixed non working language buttons. Thanks to @Omar_one for the report and testing
+ Fixed sort_order update sql for updates from older versions. Thanks to @Omar_one for the report and testing
+removed ending "?>" in admin catalog hook. Thanks to @Omar_one for the report and testing

+ Fixed undefined notice and fatal runtime error which may appear when uncomplete options images db entries are used. Thanks to radhavallabh for the report and testing
+ Updated support for Phoenix Attributes Weight Addon
+ Tested with Phoenix
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