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How it works:
It allows to add option/attributes weight which can be optional shown on the Product page in the options/attributes drop down menu.
Alternative pi and content modules are included.
The option/attribute weight will be added to the product weight in the shopping cart class and take into consideration for weight based shipping modules.

There are 2 ways to add option/attributes weight:
1. Add weight to an option value:
Example: Box Size 12 -> 0.20
Box Size 24 -> 0.40
The extra weight will apply for all products using The Box size Option.
Useful for same accessories which are added to different products, but have always the same extra weight.

2. Add weight to an attribute:
Example: Shiny Red Apples Box Size 12 -> 0.20
Shiny Red Apples Box Size 24 -> 0.40
Lemons Box Size 12 -> 0.10
Lemons Box Size 24 -> 0.20
Useful when the same Option Value adds different weight to different products.

NOTE: Entering a product specific extra weight (Example 2) to an attribute will overwrite the generic option value weight (Example 1)

Support for this is available in the Ajax Attribute Manager 3.5.0 Addon:
Add Option/Attribute specific weight
Initial release 1.0
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