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Thu Feb 22, 2024 5:14 pm
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2.3.6 Phoenix
Fri Feb 16, 2024 5:29 pm
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Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:19 pm
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The purpose of this contribution is to show selected products in the Infobox, instead of the previous stock new products Infobox. The featured products can be chosen in the admin. You also have the option of displaying just a side Infobox that would display only one featured item.
On the main default page, a selection of ALL the featured products will be displayed, and in top-level categories, only featured products that belong to that category.
If there are more featured products than the maximum allowed to be displayed, a random selection will be shown.
It's been written in such a way that the Infobox and main page content will *not* show up if there are no featured products to display.
The purpose of this contribution is to show selected products
Changes version 2.3.6.:
- Updated expiry date input to html date field and selector.
- Fixed index nested module to show only featured products.
- Tested with Phoenix and PHP 8.2

Changes version 2.3.5.:
- Removed obsolete search_featured.php link in search button. Thanks to @mhsuffolk for the report.
- Changed min Phoenix version to Thanks to @mhsuffolk for the report.

Changes version 2.3.4.:
- updated queries in index module and featured page to match core coding and support not showing buy button for products with attributes.

Changes version 2.3.3.:
- updated deprecated tep_cfg_ functions
- renamed admin box module to catalog_featured.php

Changes version 2.3.0.:
- Fixed error in sql query of the index nested module. Thanks to @artfulweb for the report.

Changes version 2.3.0.:
- Complete remake of Admin Featured Products page. Modularized and code modernization to match actual core. Merged search function into main page.
- converted featured products functions to class and removed siteWide hook.
- Fixed wrong default expire date value to null. Thanks to @BrockleyJohn for the report
- Updated all shop modules to use products class

Changes version 2.2.5.:
- Fixed error in the queries of the index modules for not retrieved final price. Thanks to @plamastus for the report.
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TESTED 8.0 -8.2
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