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Wed Aug 03, 2022 5:22 am
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This addon adds automatic install/uninstall language feature to Phoenix Cart.
Just upload language files to their proper directory and activate these from this addon.

It finds those language files and extracts language code from HTML_PARAMS constant located in the main admin language file. Then guesses language code from a preedefined list (or from the language filename if the language is not in the list).

Made this one because I need several languages on each test setup and it's really boring to install these manually every time you set up a test shop. The addon has a simplified, cleaner and faster interface. It takes all data from files and only allows to customize the language name and set the default one.

Additionally I added translations for sample products, categories and pages for spanish language. If you want to add another translation you can copy the file catalog\admin\includes\languages\espanol\sample_data\translation.php to the target language folder and edit the names and descriptions. if you do so, please send me that file to be included in this addon.
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