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Track and manage attribute stock.
- it allows to track stock for each product option-attribute combination.
- it offers 4 different ways to show options-attributes on the product page.
- show final prices of option-attribute combinations
- show out of stock message for attributes
- prevent out of stock option-attribute combinations to be added to shopping cart
- show options.attributes stock table on the product page
Track and manage attribute stock.
Changes versus QTpro 7.4.4

- Removed unused stock control script for unstocked attributes. Thanks to @radhavallabh for the report
- Fixed undefined error for products-attributes with zero stock in shopping cart. Thanks to @radhavallabh for the report
- Updated deprecated DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES constant in product info modules for attributes images support
Changes versus QTpro 7.4.3

- Added support for attributes selection if product is in cart. Thanks to @radhavallabh for the report
- Added multilanguage support for sequenced drop downs. Thanks to @Omar_one for the report
Changes versus QTpro 7.4.2

- removed obsolete ajax attribute manager reference in instructions. Thanks to @radhavallabh for the report
- added support for Show default 'Please Select' option for all pad classes
- fixed "add product" action override for Single drop down and Single radioset. Thanks to @ecartz for help
- fixed price calculation error for option "Use Actual Price Pull Downs" if "Show prices with tax" is set to "true"
- fixed options attributes sort order support for stock deduction on checkout.

Changes versus QTpro 7.4.1
- fixed typo in product info conyent qtpro table module
- fixed get product tax class in pad base
- added support for show tax below price addon
Changes versus QTpro 7.4.0
- updated compatibility for Options Images v. 2.2
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