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Mon Mar 04, 2024 10:28 pm
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1.5.0 Phoenix -
Thu Feb 23, 2023 3:43 pm
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Donate to zipurman as a Thank You and to Keep the New Addons Coming!
This addon will allow you to offer an ajax search/hint box on your store. The module will convert existing search boxes to provide ajax lookups.

- Background Alternate Color
- Background Color
- Background Hover Color
- Border Color
- Hide dropdown time after lost focus
- Show Category
- Show Description
- Show Image
- Show Model
- Show Price
- Leave as Default ∆
- Leave as Default ˚
- Maximum Records to Return
- Limit Loaded Description Length
- Search Category
- Search Description
- Search Info Pages
- Search Model
- Search SEO Description
- Searching for zero quantity products on/off
- Search All top/bottom
- Predictive text on/off
- Predictive text left padding
- Pass session id if cookie is not set.
- Minimum characters before search calls for results.

To install - copy into your store, making sure to copy the contents of /admin into your admin folder if it is renamed.

Then navigate to Admin - Configuration - Search Type Ahead (/admin/zipur_search_typeahead.php)

Create language files in:
- includes/languages/--your-language--/hooks/shop/system/searchTypeAhead.php
- includes/apps/search_typeahead/admin/languages/--your-language--/zipur_search_typeahead.php
- admin/includes/languages/--your-language--/zipur_search_typeahead.php
- admin/includes/languages/--your-language--/modules/boxes/zipur_search_typeahead.php

Enjoy! Give me feedback or just let me know that you're liking it :)
Donate to zipurman as a Thank You and to Keep the New Addons Coming!
1.6.0 (03/04/2024)
- Change ajax target from index.php to advanced_search.php to avoid issues with other mods like Ultimate SEO.
- Added link to category if show category is enabled
- Added link to manufacturer if show manufacturer is enabled
1.5.0 (02/23/2023)
- Fixed a margin issue within dropdown area for summary text and links.
- A couple of small adjustments to allow PHP >= 7.2 as previously required >= 7.4
- Added support for KissIt Image Thumbnailer
1.4.0 (02/12/2023)
- Removed bottom margin from results windows on wider inputs. Kept margin for narrow result windows as items stack differently.
- Reworked styles for narrow search boxes.
- Added setting to pass session id if cookie is not set. Default is true.
- Added setting to require minimum characters before search calls for results. Default is 1.
1.3.0 (02/09/2023)
- Added setting for predictive text on/off
- Added setting for predictive text left padding
- Improve predictive text spacing to match website themed font
- Fixed issue with Google Chrome search, clicking input "x" breaking predictive text
- Show icon for product image if image is not found
- Fixed issue with padding when only displaying product titles
- Fixed issue with SEO Page Names creating an issue with links
1.2.0 (02/04/2023)
- Made each result row clickable instead of just product name.
- Fixed some reference labels in the settings page.
1.1.0 (02/01/2023)
- Added setting for searching for zero quantity products
- Moved setting for Search All top/bottom to settings from language file
1.0.2 (01/31/2023)
- Added missing language file :o
1.0.1 (01/31/2023)
- Added logic to load English language file if language file not available for chosen language.
1.0.0 (01/31/2023)
- Initial Release
TESTED >= 7.2
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