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Sat Jun 01, 2024 10:52 am
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4.6.0 Phoenix
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Wholesale Pro available:
If you need more than one wholesaler group, global discounts per price break or hide prices to guests, please upgrade to Wholesale PRO:
http://www.phoenixcartaddons.com/commer ... -p-45.html

- Posibility to assign customers to wholesale
- Define global discount percentage by unlimited product
- Define individual wholesale prices to each product
- Optional tax exempt wholesalers
- Optional define individual wholesale prices to attributes
- The global wholesale discount will not apply to products and attributes which have individual wholesale prices defined
- Optional setting to apply special price instead of wholesale price if the special price is lower than the wholesale price or discount.
- Optional payment and shipping modules Exclusion lists for Wholesalers and Retailers.
- Optional header text module to show different info text for guests, retailers and wholesalers
- Optional Product Info override template to show the wholesaler price in addition to the normal price on the Product Info Page
- No core changes
- The wholesale prices will be automatic applied when adding a product to the Shopping Cart. This is done via shopping cart class extension, no file modification needed.
- All database modifications and language definitions are integrated in the modules.
- Optional database columns removal to keep existing entrances when removing the module

Modules included:
- Product Info override template
- Wholesale message module for the header

English, Spanish and German language files included.
- Possibility to assign customers to wholesale
- Define global discount percentage by unlimited product
- Define individual wholesale prices to each product
Change log:
Version 4.7.6:
- Updated cfgm module for Phoenix compatibility
- Tested with Phoenix and PHP 8.3

Version 4.7.5:
Fixed Undefined warning in wholesale customer data module
Tested with Phoenix and PHP 8.2.

Version 4.7.4:
- Fixed prices displaying for some cases in product info Price module if special Price is used.

Version 4.7.1:
Updated some code which was missed in 4.7.0 to match actual core code
Fixed minor glitch in payment override class
Unified some files with pro version for easier upgrade

Version 4.7.0:
- Update for Phoenix
- Added full support for product class
- Updated all code to match actual core code
- Removed obsolete options attributes pi and product info module

Version 4.6.0:
Update for Phoenix
Moved all wholesale template files from “wholesale” to “override” template
Fixed undefined error in customer data module
Fixed deprecated error in includes/hooks/admin/siteWide/wholeSalePr.php
Updated “admin/categories” to “admin/catalog” hook

Version 4.5.0:
Update for Phoenix
Modernized coding to match actual core standards
Removed specials and reviews wholesale box template, using now product class

Version 4.4.0:
Update for Phoenix
Removed include language class in store module
Updated customer data modules
Added support for product class
Added support for product class use in what’s new box
Added stylesheet hook to the wholesale template to ensure loading user.css from the default template

Version 4.3.1:
Fixed notice errors in Admin : Categories/Products => New Product Thanks to @Nige-A
Fixed error for tax exempt wholesaler feature. Thanks to @tcdeveer3

Version 4.3.0.:
Update for Phoenix
deprecated all alternative box and content modules (excepr product info options attributes module)
using template for box and content modules
added language definitions used in product info price module to store module
added reviews box template
added pi module

Version 4.2.0.:
- Update for Phoenix -,
Updated store module: changes of payment and shipping modules are now dynamically updated. No need to uninstall and reinstall the store module.
Update for customer data modules
Added customer data module to show customer group in customer account
Moved payment and shippin class mod to class override
Modularized an hooked all admin modifications

Version 4.1.1.:
Update for Phoenix 1.0.2.x, hooked admin/categories.php. Thanks to @heatherbell for testing

Version 4.0.1.:
- Added missing modified file advanced_search_result.php. Thanks to @Portman

Version 4.0.0.:
Update for Phoenix 1.0.1.x

Version 3.0.3.:
Fixed compatibility with some third party payment modules

Version 3.0.1.:
Fixed wrong language constants in:
Thanks to @Owl Sauron

Version 3.0:
Updated for BS CE Frozen
Added suport for PWA Guest checkout, hide retailer message for guests during checkout.

Version 2.0:
Added possibility to show wholesale prices on all listings, boxes, modules, etc.
Updated for latest 2.3.4 BS EDGE version, hardcoded paths
Fix for correct calculation of negative attribute prices
Screenshots included

Version 1.5:
Global variable “$wholesale_group” added to store wholesale module. Thanks to @Moxamint for the suggestion
Donate to Raiwa. Thank you for donating, it allows me to spend more time developing free contributions for you to use.
TESTED 8.0-8.3
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