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Fri Jan 26, 2024 12:07 pm
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This addon allows shopowner to create unlimited carts and to add/edit/delete products from within those carts, using a simple admin page.

Shopowner would manually send/give customers a link. When the customer visits the link a cart containing the assigned products will be loaded. An email something like, would be delicious;
Your Cart Awaits. We look forward to your order.

As promised, here's a link to your personal shopping cart which contains the products you previously requested. To access your saved cart, simply click the link below - you'll still be able to make changes before checking out.

If you are already shopping on our website, your existing cart contents will be replaced with the new products after clicking the link.

Preloading a Cart is, in effect, a way to help customers who make enquiries about your products or to help those customers who perhaps might be unable to easily navigate your website. You could have a customer on the phone, preloading a cart for them - then simply tell them to visit a link to fill their cart.

This addon changes ZERO core code - simply upload and it is useable.

Please note that this addon should be considered as an excellent foundation for further changes. I am hoping that whoever uses the addon will come up with ideas for it, which can then be shared to other addon users.

Addon now includes a shop-side page which lists all of your created carts.
Cart Creator allows shopowner to create carts ready for use by customers.
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