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Mon Apr 15, 2024 2:53 pm
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Phoenix -
Pro extensions for the Core Info Pages

Admin Info Pages Listing:
  • Sort order drop down: Sort By: Page ID, Page Title, Page Slug, Page Type (asc or desc).
  • Add Page Type to the listing table.
  • Preview button which opens the page Shop side in a new Browser Tab/Window. Works also for disabled pages.
Admin Info Pages Edit Additional Settings/Entries
  • Meta Titel and Meta Description
  • Link Type:
  • Infopage: Links to "info.php?pages_id=x"
  • Popup: Link opens Modal Popup with Page Titel and Page Text.
  • Internal: Links to Pages like "conditions.php" using the Page Slug.
    The page's filename can be selected by dropdown menu of all shop pages.
  • External: Links to external Sites like ""
  • Link Target: Allows to add "target="_blank" to all links, except Popup. It will open the pages in a new browser tab/window.
  • Link Text: An alternative Text can be used for the Link Text instead of the Page Title.
  • Page Type: Choose the module where the Page link will be included.
Shop Side:
6 Modules where the Page links will be shown, depending on the Page Type selection:
  • 2 Footer Modules
  • 2 Side Boxes
  • 2 Navbar Modules
  • Pages Links Page: Page where the Links Page Type Info Pages Links are shown as a 2 column List.
  • FAQ Page: Page where the the FAQ Type Info Pages are shown as an Accordion List of Page Titles which open when clicked showing the Page Text.
Pro extensions for the Core Info Pages
66.00 €
Change Log:
Initial Release
TESTED 8.0-8.2
  • Author raiwa
  • Last updated Mon Apr 15, 2024 2:53 pm
  • Rating
  • Categories Admin, Content
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