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Sat Jun 01, 2024 8:06 am
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Phoenix -
Pro introduces support for the html tag “srcset:” It allows to indicate the browser that different versions of an image are available to fit the different needs of high resolution/retina devices and smaller devices.

It allows to auto convert all image formats (jpeg. png, gif) to webp images.
Webp format offers smaller images and therefore faster page load than all other image formats with the same image quality.

Optional offer original image format as fallback for WEBP incompatible browsers.
KissIT Image Thumbnailer Pro Version.
Automatic create on the fly Thumbnails for all your images:
This add-on improves the page load time serving all images in just the required image size on all places.
Change log 4.6.0:
- added support for transparent webp images
- tested with Phoenix and PHP 8.3

Change log 4.5.4:
- updated deprecated legacy function for Phoenix compatibility

Change log 4.5.3:
- updated deprecated errors under PHP 8.1/8.2

Change log 4.5.2:
- updated deprecated tep_info_image function in optional admin hook
- fixed possible error for transparent gif and png images

Change log 4.5.1:
- fix for missing images and default image replacement

- added support to serve fallback original images instead of webp images for non webp compatible browsers
- added check for numeric image width and height parameters
- updated instructions

- fixed warning error under PHP 8.0
- fixed error if no alt tag is passed

- updated to use image class
- updated all coding to match actual core standards
- replaced gallery kissit modules by override templates
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TESTED 8.0-8.3
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