Modules Control Pro

Extended and more complete version of Slim Checkout to control each individual navbar, content, footer, footer extra module and side column boxes for each store page.
- add Module Control Page to Admin/Modules
- allows to define controlled pages
- allows to decide separate for each installed module and for each controlled page which module to be hidden.
- control for each store root page (file)
- control for each installed module of the following groups:
- navbar
- header
- boxes
- footer
- footer_suffix
- page list and modules list are dynamically updated if any page/module is removed or added/installed.
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Version 1.7.0. Pro:
- Updated for Phoenix
- Updated admin: Modularized pages

Version 1.6.0. Pro:
- Updated for Phoenix
- Updated admin: Modules Control to show disabled modules switched off

Version 1.5.0. Pro:
- Updated code to match actual core coding
- Updated navbar content module to abstract executable class
- Updated osc_template.php to match Phoenix

Version 1.4.0. Pro:
- Complete Bootstrapped Admin Pages
- Fixed error unwanted deleting conflict when configuring content module
- Updated alternative navbar content module
- Updated code to match newest Phoenix standards
- moved modified osc_template.php to includes/system/override/includes/

Version 1.3.0.:
- Removed unnecesary column control to fix glitch with side column boxes. Thanks to @LeeFoster for the report and testing

Version 1.2.1:
- Updated included navbar module for Phoenix Thanks to @LeeFoster for the report

Version 1.2.0:
- Added back and fixed support for navbar modules.
- Added modified navbar content module with modules control support
- Fixed undefined warnings in navbar if no navbar modules are active in a navbar group

Version 1.1.0:
- removed support for navbar modules. Thanks to @Omar_one for the error report
- fixed typo for filename "osc_template.php" in instructions. Thanks to @Omar_one for the report

Version 1.0.3:
- added script to admin/modules_control.php to scroll back to top after update to show success message.

Version 1.0.2:
- added missing language definitions for success messages
- changed button labels to be more comprehensive and logical
- changed $_GET to $_POST variable for virtually unlimited page/module combinations
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