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Tue May 09, 2023 8:10 am
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Phoenix -
The Navbar and Header Modules intent to offer an alternative to the standard (core) side column boxes. On small screens (Mobiles) the boxes are moved at the very bottom of the pages. They are therefore not useful for small devices. Header and Navbar Modules show on the top of the pages and are much more recommended for Mobile view. You can permanent replace your side column boxes to show always the Header or Navbar module instead on all screen sizes. Or you can add a device dependent helper class to the box and header/navbar module, so on desktop view the boxes are still used, but on smaller devices the header/navbar modules will replace them.
Instructions how to do this are included.
You can choose free which modules to use, depending on your taste and store needs.
Navbar and Header Drop Down Menues to show a selection of the content.
15,00 €
Version 3.3
Changed new products and specials modules to use product class
TESTED 8.0-8.2
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