Option Types

The Option Types Addon adds the following functionality to Phoenixcart:

* The following Option Types:
o Text (With character count)
o Text area (With character count)
o File Uploads
o Checkboxes
o Radio buttons
o Options Images (Identical to my free addon "Options Images". Support for it is included in the 2 product info Modules)
* Option Length (this is for Text fields. Limits to the number of characters, which is shown with character count)
* Comments for Options (if set in Admin, this is shown after the Option in product_info)
* Uploads are 'connected' to the customer, who now gets a dropdown with uploaded files when upload option is available.
* Uploads are placed in temporary directory if the customer is a guest, and in uploads directory if customer is registered (moves files if customer signs in)
* Temporary Uploads folder is automatically cleaned. How old the files must be for deletion, can be set via Admin.

New features in this version:
* Enhanced security:
o Text input:
* All text input is complete sanitized. If a customer to include any potential dangerous code, the add to cart action is aborted and an error message is displayed.
* It is possible to allow BBCode tags which can be configured. These will be temporary converted to html and previewed in the shopping cart.
o File uploads:
* The uploaded files can be stored outside the public html directory if the server configuration allows it. Otherwise they will be stored in the images/ directory.
* The filename of the uploaded files will be changed. A sequential number will be added at the beginning, followed by a 12 digit aleatory string. This avoids access to the uploaded files.
* Image files will be processed by a gd library script which creates a new thumbnail image. Only this thumbnail can be public accessed and previewed in the shopping cart.

o Automated installation:
* All database changes will be automatically executed during Module Installation.
* The Attributes value "CUSTOMER-INPUT" which is used for text and file upload options, is auto created during Module installation.
* It is not visible or editable in the Attributes Values table to avoid accidental editing or deletion.
* When a text or file option is added to a product, this value is auto assigned.
* Checks are included to ensure that the correct value and that only one value is assigned to the text, file and checkbox options.

o Other new features:
* Options Type tab has been added to the admin orders page. It allows to preview the image thumbnail and the original file (if the upload directories are inside the "images/" directory).

very easy
Copy new files
Install one module in Admin
The Option Types Addon adds customizable options to Phoenixcart:
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TESTED 8.0 - 8.2