Points & Rewards

This is a Points and Rewards system, aimed to generate additional sales or at least motivate customers to spend more money at your store.
The Points and Rewards system awards shopping points to customers for the amount they spend or for writing reviews or for referring new customers.
Points are considered as cash when redeemed. Customers can then use those points to pay for their orders during the checkout process.
Version: 3.3.0

Easy, does not require any file modification

Phoenix Cart
Tested with Phoenix
PHP 7.0-7.4
90,00 €
Version 3.3.0.

- Updated for Phoenix
- Modularized admin pages

Version 3.2.1.

- Updated for Phoenix

Version 3.2.0.

- Updated for Phoenix
- Moved admin all point notification mails into a new notification module
- Moved all point and reward template files into override template
- Fixed some minor errors in the admin files
- Fixed point payment module to not show to unqualified carts if product or category restriction is used.
- Added session points reset in shopping cart to avoid cart content manipulation to unqualify and keep redemptions applied to order.
- Replaced alternative shopping cart box and navbar module by override tempalte files.
- Replaced modified info box and footer module by override language files.
- Updated all files to match actual core code.
- Updated deprecated core functions.
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