Product Tags

On many ecommerce sites you often see a system of Tags to tell you a little more information about the Product you are looking at. This addon recreates this in a simplistic way by allowing the Store Owner to add Tags and then to assign Tags to Products.

There is also an option to allow Shoppers to create Tags for Shopowner approval.

Admin Side
- new page to allow shopowner to add Tags
- new hook to allow shopowner to assign Tags to Products
- various Helper Files to "power the system" behind the scenes

Shop Side
- new content module to display Tags when looking at a Product
- new page to allow shopper to send Tags to shopowner
- various Helper Files to "power the system" behind the scenes

Although simplistic, this is not a small addon. It consists of many files and folders, even so, there are NO CORE CODE CHANGES in this addon.

There are zero core code changes in this addon, which means you are guaranteed an easy installation!
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