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Sat Mar 16, 2024 1:50 pm
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Fri Jan 19, 2024 1:21 pm
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This addon is a "Queued Emails" system which sets up automatic emails to customers based on things they do and/or things they don't do - these emails are queued up to be sent in the future, each email has a send date which would be different depending on customers data and shopowner needs..

EG 1: someone signs up but does not check out. Email will go to them 5 days after sign up. If they already checked out prior to the scheduled email send, the email is deleted from the Queue.

EG 2: someone buys, but doesn't return. Send an email after 6 months of inactivity. If they did come back and buy something prior to the scheduled email going out, the email is deleted from the Queue.

To explain the system in a nutshell, shopowner has two new admin pages;

1. Setting up Email Templates
This page allows shopowner to create emails using a system of "merge tags"

2. The Outgoing Email Queue
This page allows shopowner to view scheduled emails.

Admin can manually add to the Outgoing Queue, but the main process is performed shop side. For example, if Mickey Mouse created an account at your site, three Scheduled Emails would be created automatically;

a. birthday greetings (for X number of days prior to his birthday)
b. no checkout (as he has not yet checked out)
c. winback (as we would like Mickey to return some day)

Mickey does not check out so he receives the "no checkout" email which deletes that particular email from the outgoing queue. He returns to your site and buys some products. At this point emails may be deleted and/or renewed. The "no checkout" email is already completely deleted. The winback email is deleted and a new one is placed into the Queue.

Put simply the Outgoing Queue changes shape daily with minimal interaction from shopowner.
Emails are added, deleted, sent. The system is completely modular so adding a new Scheduler is relatively simple, all you are limited by is your imagination.
This addon changes ZERO core code - simply upload, turn on a module and the system is useable.
Price is a guideline, and includes any 5 Scheduler Modules.
This addon allows your shop to create a Queue of Emails, and for those emails to be sent on a schedule. Examples: "birthday greetings", "you signed up but didn't checkout", "it's 90 days since your last order" and so on.
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