Wholesale Pro

- Create unlimited number of wholesale groups
- Posibility to assign customers to a wholesale group
- Define global discount percentage by unlimited product and attribute price brakes (product price ranges)
- Define individual wholesale prices to each product for each wholesale group
- Optional tax exempt wholesalers
- Optional hide prices to guests (not logged in users)
- Optional show prices incl. or excl. tax for wholesalers - Optional define individual wholesale prices to attributes for each wholesale group
- The global wholesale discount will not apply to products and attributes which have individual wholesale prices defined
- Optional setting to apply special price instead of wholesale price if the special price is lower than the wholesale price or discount.
- Optional payment and shipping modules Exclusion lists for each Wholesaler Group and Retailers.
- Optional header text module to show different info text for guests, retailers and each wholesaler group
- Optional Product Info Content module to show the wholesaler price in addition to the normal price on the Product Info Page
- Optional modifications in all listing and box modules to show wholesale product prices.
- No Store file modifications.
- 1-3 admin files modified, (categories.php, customers.php) and product_attributes.php, depending on your Phoenix version
- Modified files included.
- The wholesale prices will be automatic applied when adding a product to the Shopping Cart. This is done via shopping cart class extension, no file modification needed.
- All database modifications and language definitions are integrated in the modules.
- Posibility to customize the wholesale group names
- Optional database columns removal to keep existing entrances when removing the module

Modules included:
- Wholesale modules to replace all core modules where prices are displayed
- Wholesale message module for the header

English, Spanish and German language files included.
Version 4.6.0:
- Update for Phoenix
- Added new feature: Optional hide prices for guests (Not logged in customers)
- Moved all wholesale template files from “wholesale” to “override” template
- Fixed undefined error in customer data module
- Updated “admin/categories” to “admin/catalog” hook

Version 4.5.0:
- Update for Phoenix
- Modernized coding to match actual core standards
- Removed specials and reviews wholesale box template, using now product class
If you need more than one wholesaler group or global discounts per price break, please use : Wholesale PRO
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