CE Phoenix Cart Developers

CERTIFIED SERVICE PROVIDERS - development, hosting, themes and more

Certified service providers are those who are known to produce modern code, adhering as much as possible to Phoenix's core principle of no core changes. They also provide services such as SEO, hosting, theme design and more.
  • These developers are certified by the Core Team
  • These developers support Phoenix by giving their time, code and financial support
If you are looking for a developer for a paid-for project, please consider one the following.
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Providing all kinds of support for CE Phoenix online stores.
You will find Add-Ons which add functionality and features to your store.
Completely free Add-Ons and a selection of commercial Add-Ons at very affordable prices exclusive to my website.
On the other hand you can count on installation and programming services at very competitive prices.
Visit my website and feel free to contact me - English, Deutsch and Español.


If you need support for your store, I am just an email away. I have coded several addons for CE Phoenix and have upgraded many older stores to the latest versions of Phoenix. If you are looking for someone to custom code (PHP,CSS3,HTML5,JS,JQUERY,SQL,LINUX) something for you, upgrade your store, or anything in between ... I am happy to help.
I am located in Canada (CST) and you can contact me on the forums or my website.


Custom jobs, big or small, including adapting existing addons to CE Phoenix. Integration of stock systems and new payment methods. Addons both free and great value. Hosting at cp.sewebsites.net