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upgrade to latest version

Post by dculley » Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:28 pm

I have on my site with just a few add ons and setup changes. I have not gone live but don't want to lose any work. My old OSC 2.3.4 with bootstrap is still up.
How do I upgrade to with out losing the work already done? So that I can have the latest Phoenix fixes.

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Re: upgrade to latest version

Post by ecartz » Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:00 pm

I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking

1. How to update to There are instructions for that in the Phoenix Club. https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/494607-v1042/

2. How to update from 2.3.4 to

And if the latter, are you looking for advice to do it yourself? Or are you looking for paid solutions?

I ask because while we don't have really good resources for helping you upgrade from 2.3.4 to Phoenix, I'm trying to recruit people to provide paid solutions. And if all you want to do is update to then there's already a thread for that in the Phoenix club on the other forum.

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Re: upgrade to latest version

Post by heatherbell » Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:01 am

dculley wrote:
Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:28 pm
How do I upgrade to with out losing the work already done?
I don't know how familiar you are with upgrading so I can only say how I do it.
I presume you are just going from to
First, if you have made any changes to core code files, including any language files, make sure you have a saved list of those files you have changed with the changes you made.
Next, download the upgrade zip, that's the one in the upgrade post that only has those files that have been upgraded.
Unzip and check the contents for any files that are on your "core code changed" list.
If there are any, make the same changes to the upgrade files.
You can see the benefit of NOT changing core code means upgrades are easier.
There are obviously core code language files that you will have to change but as long as you have a saved list of those files, it makes the upgrade task easier.
Next, make a back up of all your live website files and your database.
Next, using FTP software such as FileZilla, connect to your host server. The How to Upload in documentation may help.
Navigate (in the left window pane in FileZilla) to the unzipped upgrade folder on your local computer to see this:
Right click on the "admin" folder and Rename to the same as your live "admin" folder which should have a different name.
Select all files/folders in the upgrade folder, right click and Upload the lot.
FileZilla will ask if you want to overwrite so click OK.
All the files and folders will upload to their correct locations automatically.
Next, double check the upgrade post because sometimes there are SQL changes to make to the database. The PhpMyAdmin in documentation may help.
In this upgrade there are no SQL changes but there are instructions to delete some files from your host server.
Navigate to them (in the right window pane in FileZilla) - just right click and Delete.
The "install" folder is not needed so again, right click and delete from server, the same for the "readme" file (this is the same as you do after you have installed CE Phoenix for the first time).
You have now successfully upgraded.
Next, check you have not broken the website!
Log in to admin to see if it's OK.
Go to your shop and perform a test checkout to see if it's OK.
It may seem complicated written down like this but in reality and with practice, the whole process takes just minutes.
Remember the benefit of NOT changing core code means upgrades are easier.
If you have any queries, just post again.
Remember, clear questions get clear answers.
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