IMPORTANT: Read me before posting

Support relating to third party add-ons.
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IMPORTANT: Read me before posting

Post by admin » Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:22 pm

Third Party Add-ons

There are many Certified Add-ons provided for free to Phoenix Go Pro Supporters.
Go Pro to become a Supporter and join the Phoenix Club.
Other third party add-ons can be found here.

Need Help?

First check the CE Phoenix Documentation.
For your benefit, please use the following guidelines before posting.
  • Post in the General Forum with general questions for help using CE Phoenix.
  • Post in the Advanced Forum for help with coding.
  • Post in the Add-Ons Forum in the specific Add-on Topic for help using third party add-ons.
  • State which version of CE Phoenix you are using: find it in Admin => Tools => Version Checker although you should be using the latest version: find it here.
  • State which version of PHP your server is using: find it in Admin => Tools => Server Info.
  • Clearly state a detailed description of any issue. What did you try? What did you expect to happen? What did happen? What error messages were in the logs?
  • When posting or requested to post errors or code, ensure all references to the root of your shop are redacted.
  • Remember all help is freely given by unpaid volunteers.
  • If an answer is helpful, click the "Thumbs Up" icon in the posted answer to indicate that to future readers.
  • Remember this is a Help Forum so ask for help or give help but do not post unhelpful complaints or opinions which will be removed by Admin.
Otherwise:- Give Help

Members are also expected to give back in any way they can.
  • Test new ideas.
  • Vote in polls.
  • Get involved in general discussions.
  • Make suggestions of things that could look better.
  • Install an add-on and let us know if it was hard or easy and if the add-on does what it should do.
There's a few ideas. If other shop-owners can see that you are doing something, they are going to be more likely to help you.
Please note that periodically, inactive members are deleted by Admin.