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Download & Install

  • Open web browsing software - enter the web address of your website in the address bar - e.g

  • The first CE Phoenix installation Welcome page will open - you will see this:


  • Ensure all Server Capabilities are checked with a green thumbs up to proceed. If not, contact your host server.
  • Click Start the installation procedure

  • The next CE Phoenix Step 1 installation page will open:


  • Complete the form.
  • For Database Server enter the default of localhost which is most commonly used by hosts otherwise your host will provide the correct value if the default is incorrect.
  • Enter the Database Username, Password and Database Name that were created when the database was created.
  • Choose Import Sample Data to install sample products which can be removed later. This is useful for first time users to see how the shop displays and works.
  • Click Continue To Step 2

  • The next CE Phoenix Step 2 installation page will open:


  • It will automatically show your website address (WWW Address) - check the address and change the http to https if you have already created a SSL certificate.
  • It will also show the path to your website on the host server (Webserver Root Directory) - make a record of this.
  • Click Continue To Step 3

  • The next CE Phoenix Step 3 installation page will open:


  • Enter your Store Name - customers will see this but can be changed at any time.
  • Enter your Store Owner Name - customers will see this but can be changed at any time.
  • Enter your Store Owner E-Mail Address - this will be used in emails but can be changed at any time.
  • Create Administrator Username and Administrator Password - these will used to securely log in to the administration section of the website not accessible to the public - save these.
  • Enter a secure/random name for Administration Directory Name - make a record of this.
  • Select a Time Zone
  • Click Continue To Step 4

  • The final CE Phoenix Step 4 installation page will open:


  • Three buttons will show on this page.
    • Administration Tool (Backend) takes you to the Admin of your website, it is not visible or accessible to the public, you will need your administrator username and password to access.
    • Online Store (Frontend) takes you to the Catalog index page also known as the Shop, this is visible and accessible to the public.
    • Phoenix Club takes you to the support forum where you can join the supporter's club for club membership benefits such as free add-ons to extend the functionality of your shop.
Join the Phoenix Club Here

  • Click the Administration Tool (Backend) button to go to the Admin Dashboard to secure the website in the next step.
  • You will see this to log in.

See ADMINISTRATION for the complete user guide to Admin Dashboard.

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