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If you are in U.S.A. or have installed another language pack the following changes might not be necessary.
Open the main language file from admin go to Adminnavbartools.png Tools → Define Languages and open english.php at the top of the list.
CE Phoenix is set for U.S.A. English with USD currency and m/d/y date format by default.

Set Up Locality

Find the following lines:

// 'en_US.UTF-8', 'en_US.UTF8', 'enu_usa'
// 'en_GB.UTF-8', 'en_GB.UTF8', 'eng_gb'
// 'en_AU.UTF-8', 'en_AU.UTF8', 'ena_au'
@setlocale(LC_ALL, array('en_US.UTF-8', 'en_US.UTF8', 'enu_usa'));

Change the code within the brackets in the last line to one of the options shown above it.

E.g. for Great Britain change to

@setlocale(LC_ALL, array('en_GB.UTF-8', 'en_GB.UTF8', 'eng_gb'));

Set the Date Format

Find the following lines:

const DATE_FORMAT_SHORT = '%m/%d/%Y';  // this is used for strftime()
const DATE_FORMAT_LONG = '%A %d %B, %Y'; // this is used for strftime()
const DATE_FORMAT = 'm/d/Y'; // this is used for date()
const JQUERY_DATEPICKER_FORMAT = 'mm/dd/yy'; // see // see 

Change the order of month, day and year to your requirements.

Set the Currency

Find the following line:


E.g. for Great Britain change to:


To find your 3 letter currency code, internet search ISO 4217 Codes.

Repeat the changes above for the admin main language file, youradmin/includes/languages/english.php

You will need to find this language file in the CE Phoenix download folder and upload it to the host server after changes - it is not accessible from admin.

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