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From admin go to Adminnavbarconfig.png Configuration → Shipping/Packaging - you will see this:


The options here will affect the shipping charges applied in checkout depending on your own business model and the charges set by your shipping provider presuming your shipping charges are based on weight (charging by weight is an option when you set up shipping options in a later step - see Set up Shipping Options

  • To edit any item.
  • Click the item in the list to select it.
  • Click it again to open the edit panel.
  • Change any values.
  • Click Save

  • Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship - the number is a weight unit, whatever you choose to use throughout the shop e.g. pounds or kilograms. This option is set as required or set a high value if not required e.g. 100000.
  • Package Tare Weight - this weight unit will be added to the weight of the products when calculating the shipping charge - set as required or set to 0 if not required.
  • Larger packages - percentage increase - this will increase the shipping charge for order weights over Maximum Package Weight - set as required or set as 0 if not required.
  • Allow Orders Not Matching Defined Shipping Zones - change to True if required for shipping modules to work (make a test purchase) but otherwise best left as default False to prevent orders to countries to which you do not ship (but better to remove those countries from the countries installed - see Countries).

Whichever of the values is larger of Package Tare Weight or Larger Packages will be added to the weight of products in the order.

Using the default values to give an example of how this works: Maximum Package Weight = 50, Package Tare Weight = 3, Larger packages - percentage increase = 10.

If the weight of products in order = 10, then shipping weight will be product weight(10) + tare weight(3) = 13

If the weight of products in order = 100, then shipping weight will be product weight(100) + percentage increase(10%) = 110

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