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CE Phoenix looks great as it is but there are many easy ways to change the default layout.

Navigation Bar

  • From admin go to Adminnavbarmod.png Modules → Content
  • Find and click Navigation Bar in the list to select it.
  • Click Edit
  • Make a note of the default settings so they can be changed back to default if necessary.
  • Choose a colour option in Background Colour Scheme.
  • Choose an option for Link Colour Scheme
  • Choose an option for Placement, Placement Offset and Collapse
  • Click Save
  • Have a play with these options and have a look on the webpage to see the results you require.

Box Modules

Box Modules that currently show in the side columns of the webpage are installed by default.

From admin go to Adminnavbarmod.png Modules → Boxes to see this:


Module Boxes can be set to show on either the left or right column or be disabled or removed so they do not show.

  • Click on a module in the list to select it.

To change the column where the box displays:

  • Click Edit
  • Set Column Placement to either Left Column or Right Column.
  • Click Save

To disable:

  • Click Edit
  • Set Enable...Module to False
  • Click Save

To remove:

  • Click Remove Module

Alternatively, more Box Modules can be installed.

  • Click Install Module - the number shown next to the button indicates how many more modules are available.
  • Click on a module in the list to select it.
  • Click Install Module
  • Click Edit
  • Set Column Placement to either Left Column or Right Column.
  • Enter a Sort Order value to sort the boxes displayed. Do not leave 0 as the Sort Order on modules as it can cause problems.

Page Width

Phoenix looks great as it is but the page width can be changed if desired.

From admin go to Adminnavbarconfig.png Configuration → Bootstrap Setup

  • Click Bootstrap Content
  • Click Edit to see this:


As indicated in the edit options, changing the setting from 8 will reduce the width of the page content whilst increasing the width of the side Box Modules.

  • Click Bootstrap Container
  • Click Edit to see this:


CE Phoenix is set with container-fluid as default which displays the shop 100% of the device screen width like this:


Change the setting from container-fluid to container will reduce the webpage width according to the device used to view it as per this table. Bootstrapcontainer.png

For example, changing the setting to container and removing the side Box Modules gives this result.


The difference in display is your own preference - whichever look you prefer - there are fans of both.

Note that if all Module Boxes have been removed, there are alternatives to the box modules that can be displayed elsewhere e.g. in the navigation bar or the footer but an alternative module for displaying Categories is not included with Phoenix.

Product Listing

From admin go to Adminnavbarconfig.png Configuration → Product Listing to see this:


These are the settings for the display of products e.g. within a category.

So, again, CE Phoenix looks great as it is but you can change the defaults here.

If you do have a play, ensure you note the defaults so they can be changed back again. The values for the settings Products Per Row change how many products are shown per row across the screen width for different device screen sizes from tablets SM to desk top monitors XL

The values for Sort Option: enable/disable the menu items that show in the Sort By drop down menu shown on the webpage.

There is also an option to enable/disable the Display Category/Manufacturer Filter - note that Manufacturers could also be used as a secondary method of categorising products.

There is also an option for the Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar 1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both - note 0 to disable.

Tip: This whole Sort By/Filter section can be disabled by entering the following in user.css

div.alert-filters { display: none !important; }

Product Images

From admin go to Adminnavbarlayout.png Layout Modules → Product Info

Click on Gallery in the Modules list to edit.

If multiple images have been uploaded for a product, the way they are displayed on the product page can be changed.

As indicated in the Thumbnail Width module settings, the number of images per row can be changed by changing the numeric setting.

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