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When you go to yoursite/youradmin/index.php you will see this:


After log in you will see the main Admin Dashboard like this:


There are links in the header of the Admin Dashboard.

The Logo on the left is a "Home" link to return to the Admin Dashboard page.

Other links are shown on the right like this:


  • Phoenix Club goes to an exclusive club where you can receive support for your CE Phoenix based shop direct from the core developers and other happy users. Become a supporter yourself and see your shop level-up on a weekly basis with bonus reward add-ons to extend the functionality of your software.
  • User Guide goes to the user guide (you are reading it now).
  • Certified Add-Ons & Services goes to a list of Add-Ons that have been certified by the core team at CE Phoenix and shows certified developers for professional help.
  • Your Shop goes to your website as viewed by visitors.
  • securely logoff does just that.

The administration navigation bar at the top of the page shows the icon buttons to access all the administration tools.


The following guides detail all the menu buttons.

Adminnavbarcatalog.png Catalog

Adminnavbarconfig.png Configuration

Adminnavbarcustomers.png Customers

Adminnavbarlayout.png Layout Modules

Adminnavbarlocal.png Localization

Adminnavbartax.png Locations & Taxes

Adminnavbarmod.png Modules

Adminnavbarorders.png Orders

Adminnavbarpaypal.png PayPal

Adminnavbarreports.png Reports

Adminnavbartools.png Tools

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