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You can change any text in a language file in admin Tools → Define Languages - see Change Language Files.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find which language file contains the text.

To find text in a language file, use the search facility at Github where the repository for the code for CE Phoenix is stored.

For our example: How to change Welcome email text.

After completing a test purchase, it can be seen that an email is sent to the customer that starts with the text, We welcome


  • Enter the search term in the input box (top left) - enclose the text in double quotes.
  • For this example enter, "We welcome"
  • Click In this repository in the drop down menu.
  • The search results will show this:


  • In this example, it shows that the text is in the file - includes/languages/english/modules/notifications/n_create_account.php
  • Backup any files before making changes.
  • This language file in your backup directory could be changed and uploaded to overwrite the one on your server or the file on the server could be edited.
  • Alternatively, find the language file in admin Tools → Define Languages list - in this example the file is modules/notifications/n_create_account.php.
  • Click to open, make changes to the text - ensure you only change the text and not any code or punctuation marks that may also be part of the code.
  • Click Save.
  • Check and test the shop.

  • The override Template was introduced in v1.0.7.14 which allows copies of edited files to be saved there to prevent them be overwritten in updates.
  • So, in this example, open the file includes/languages/english/modules/notifications/n_create_account.php
  • Save a copy to templates/override/includes/languages/english/modules/notifications/
  • New folders might need to be created in the override template to create this folder structure.
  • Open, edit and save the new file templates/override/includes/languages/english/modules/notifications/n_create_account.php

See:- How to Use a Template

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