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How to keep your Phoenix Cart software up to date

From time to time, updates are issued for Phoenix Cart by the core code development team.

These updates are not automatically installed into your shop. You need to manually check for updates, and install them yourself.

You can also contact one of the Phoenix Cart Development Partners to do it for you.

Simple Instructions

  • Check which version you are using. From admin go to Tools → Version Checker
  • If your version is up to date you will see this:


  • If there is a new version available you will see this:


  • Go to the announcements page and identify the latest version e.g.
  • Read the instructions on the announcements page on how to upgrade from your version to the latest. There will be a download update package for each version. There might be a few steps involved (and a few updates to download) if you have missed them.
  • Extract the contents of the update packages on your computer. These will replace the ones on your server. If you have never changed the files which will be replaced, you can simply upload to your server and overwrite the existing files. Note: it is important you are uploading the update packages here, not the latest version of Phoenix itself which will overwrite your entire shop!
  • If you are unsure, use a file compare program like Notepad++ to compare each file with the one in your shop: see Must Have Tools. If you have made lots of changes to the files being updates, you will need to manually apply the updates.

Advanced Instructions

  • The source code for Phoenix is maintained on a repository on GitHub.
  • You can always check the version of Phoenix by looking at the 'branches'. The branch with the highest version is the latest branch. 'Master' is the consolidated file, which will contain all changes which have been committed i.e. published. However, the 'Master' file will not necessarily contain all updates being worked on in latest branch, if that branch is not yet complete.
  • Use 'Compare' to compare different branches/versions of Phoenix, e.g. with

Github compare.png

  • Github will then show you every change made in every file. You can use this compare screen to quickly copy that code which has changed over to your files.
  • If you want to compare the updated files against your files, you need to first download them. Click the three button menu to the far right of the name of the file, and select 'view file'. You can then copy and paste the contents of the file into a new document, give it the name of the file it came from, and use your preferred file compare software to compare against the version of the file used in your live shop.

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