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Setup Shop

From admin go to Adminnavbarconfig.png Configuration → My Store - you will see this:


Some settings for My Store are already personalised from when you installed CE Phoenix but they can be changed now if required.

  • Store Name
  • Store Owner
  • E-Mail Address
  • E-Mail From

To change any setting:

  • Click the item in the Title column list to select it.
  • Click Edit
  • Change the settings in the edit panel.
  • Click Save

To have your shop ready just make the following changes for now.

  • Country
    • Enter the Country in which your shop is located from the drop down menu.

  • Zone
    • Enter the Zone in which your shop is located from the drop down menu.

  • Switch To Default Language Currency
    • Set to true if you have more than one language installed - the currency will change to match the language selected by the customer.

  • Display Prices with Tax
    • Set to true if you wish to show all prices inclusive of tax otherwise tax will only be added in checkout.

  • Store Address
    • Enter your address as you wish - your VAT or Tax Number could also be added at the end - this will be displayed on documents and on the shop.

  • Store Phone
  • Enter your telephone number as you wish - this will be displayed on documents and on the shop.

For a comprehensive guide to all the settings go to My Store

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