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Setup Shop

The shop should now be near ready to launch so complete a test purchase to ensure all shipping and payment options work as expected.

Use the Private or Incognito tab on your browser to ensure any cookies associated with your browser do not affect the process.

From admin go to Adminnavbarorders.png Orders → Orders - if you have an order, you will see this:


When a customer successfully orders and checks out on the shop, an email will automatically be sent to them and the shop owner and the order status will be set as Pending.

  • Click on an order in the list which opens the order on the Summary tab to see this:


  • Click on the Products tab to see this:


  • Click on the Status History tab to see this:


  • When you start processing the order i.e. assembling, picking, packing etc.
    • Choose Processing from the Status drop down menu.
    • Enter any comments as required in the Add Comments box - these comments will be visible by the customer.
    • If you want to automatically email the customer to notify them of the order status change leave the Notify Customer box ticked - otherwise click it to disable.
    • If you want to include the comments entered in the Append Comments box in the email leave the Append Comments box ticked - otherwise click it to disable.
    • Click Save to update the order and send the email if enabled.
  • When the order is complete i.e. when the customer has received their order.
    • Choose Delivered from the Status drop down menu and complete the steps for Processing above.

TIP: The default settings for the the status of orders can be changed - see Orders Status - do not change them unless specifically required.

  • Click Invoice to see similar to this open in a new browser window:


  • Use the invoice for your accounting records and to send to the customer as required.
  • Your browser can print or save the invoice as a .pdf
  • Right click and click Print in the popup menu.
  • Choose your printer or the pdf option in the dialogue box menu.
  • Click the Print or Save button.

  • Click Packing Slip to see similar to this open in a new browser window:


  • The packing slip does not show the prices - use for your own use or to send to the recipient as required.
  • It can be printed or saved as a pdf the same as the invoice.

Note: Orders can not be edited once confirmed and paid for by a customer. It is accountancy procedure to cancel the order, refund the payment and the customer must make a new order and payment. Tip: Make this clear to customers in your Terms & Conditions.

  • Tip:
  • It can look strange for new customers if your order numbers are very low when you first start your shop.
  • The order number can be increased after the first test purchase is made by the shop owner.
  • See Change Order Number for New Shop

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