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Search Engine Optimisation, commonly called SEO, is the process of setting up a web site so that it ranks well in the search engine listings. There is so much information about SEO on the internet - enough to fill libraries but here are the basics to start.

There are two basic types of SEO: off-site and on-site.

Off-site SEO consists of things done outside of the shop, like links to your website in social media accounts, blog posts etc. They can be very helpful for improving the ranking of a site but you may not have much control over them.

On-site SEO refers to the content of the website files. A shop owner has complete control over this and this should be the first thing to set up.

The main part of SEO are the keywords the shop is targeting. The keyword can be thought of as a search term that would be typed into a search engine search box to find your shop and your products. Keywords should consist of 2-3 words, single word keywords should generally be avoided.

These keywords or search terms should be used whenever possible in the content of your pages i.e. the Title and Description elements of pages. They should also be used in the Meta Description for SEO elements of category and product pages.

However, do not start writing your product descriptions filled with keywords - it will make little sense to your customers and search engines may even pick up on it and mark your site down! So, write meaningful descriptions that will inform, educate and delight your customers and will also make your site stand out as unique.

  • So, first tasks for a new shop.
  • From admin go to Tools → Define Languages to edit index.php - the front page of the website.
    • Change the text in META_SEO_TITLE to the main search terms for your website, comma separate each search term.
    • Change the text in META_SEO_DESCRIPTION to a short description of your website of no more than 155 characters i.e. about 30-40 words for your website.
  • Use the Meta Description for SEO elements of category, product and manufacturer to enter a short description, specific to that category, product or manufacturer , of no more than 155 characters i.e. about 30-40 words.
  • See Header Tags section to install the modules that will allow the search engines to see your SEO elements.

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