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NOTE: Ensure domain name, host account, SSL certificate and database have been created.

  • Open FTP software e.g. FileZilla - connect to host server using FTP Server Address, FTP Username and FTP Password - these are usually found in your host server account - ask your host server if you cannot find them.
  • After connecting with Filezilla for example you will see this:


  • In right window pane, this is the host server, double click htdocs to open root folder/directory - dependent on server may be named public_html or httpdocs
    • NOTE: This procedure installs Phoenix in the root folder/directory so the website home page will show as in the web browser.
    • Some users may wish to install in a sub-folder/directory so the website home page will show as in the web browser.
    • If this is required a sub-folder/directory must be created in htdocs, named and opened before the next step.
  • In left window pane, this is your local computer, navigate to and open the unzipped/extracted Phoenix folder/directory.
  • Select all folders and files in unzipped Phoenix folder/directory. Ensure you have them all selected and have not missed any.
  • Right click and click Upload to transfer all files from your computer to the host server.
  • FTP software will indicate progress - it can take several minutes to complete transfer.

Proceed to the next step when the FTP software indicates the upload is complete.

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