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It is best to have a clear plan of your shop organisation of categories and products before starting.

Give some thought to the organisation from the perspective of your customers so they will find navigation and therefore find your products easily.

Categories can contain more categories (sub-categories) or products but not both (although advanced users can make Phoenix do anything).

Sub-categories can have more sub-categories and so on to create a category tree.

You will also need pictures of your products optimised for viewing on the internet - this means they need to have a small file size so they do not take up too much memory or take too long to load whilst still being of a quality good enough for viewing. See - GIMP

From admin go to Adminnavbarcatalog.png Catalog → Categories/Products

If you chose to include sample products when you installed CE Phoenix you will see this.


The sample products and categories can be deleted - click the folder icon for the category to show the products it contains.

  • Click on a product in the list.
  • Click Delete
  • Repeat for each product.
  • Click Back
  • Click on the category in the list.
  • Click Delete
  • Repeat until all products and categories have been deleted.


Click New Category - you will see this:


  • Category Name
    • Enter the name.
  • Category Title for SEO
    • Leave blank or enter something different to the category name if required.
  • Category Description
    • Enter a description to show on the category page.
  • Category Meta Description for SEO
    • Think of this as a short description of about 30 words.
  • Category Image
    • Click Browse to choose and upload an image from your computer.
  • Sort Order
    • Enter a sort order value to order your categories.
  • Click Save

Read more about Search Engine Optimisation here - Search Engine Optimisation

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