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Setup Shop

  • From admin go to Adminnavbarcatalog.png Catalog → Categories/Products
  • Click on a category in the list to select it.
  • Click on it again to open it.
  • Click New Product and you will see this (it is split into 3 tabbed sections):


  • Product specific
    • Product Status:
      • This can be changed to hide the product in the shop - note that if customers cannot see it neither will the internet search engines.
    • Date Available:
      • If you are out of stock, enter a date here using the drop down date picker.
    • Products Manufacturer:
      • If you require products to be assigned a manufacturer go to Catalog → Manufacturers first to enter manufacturers names.
    • Tax Class:
      • Choose a tax class from the drop down menu.
    • Products Price (Net):
      • Enter a tax exclusive (net) price here and the tax inclusive (gross) price will automatically show.
    • Products Price (Gross):
      • Enter a tax inclusive (gross) price here and the tax exclusive (net) price will automatically show.
    • Products Quantity:
      • Enter a stock quantity on hand.
    • Products Model:
      • Enter a model number if you require, it can be used for any identifier you want - the Model Number module Modules → Content needs to be installed for this to show on product page.
    • Products Weight:
      • Enter a weight value for calculating the shipping cost.
    • Products GTIN:
      • Enter a GTIN if you require - the GTIN module Modules → Content needs to be installed for this to show on product page.

  • Click Language specific tab and you will see this


  • Language specific
    • Products Name:
      • Enter your product name.
    • Products Description:
      • Enter your product description - be as detailed as you require.
    • Products URL:
      • Enter a web site address if required e.g. for the manufacturer.
    • Products Title for SEO:
      • Phoenix will show the Products Model in the breadcrumb by default - enter the Products Name here if you wish that to show there instead.
    • Product Meta Description for SEO:
      • Enter a short description for search engines e.g. 30 words.
    • Product Keywords
      • The keywords can be thought of as what a person would type into the website search box to find your product.

  • Click Product images tab and you will see this


  • Product images
    • Main Image:
      • Click Browse to choose and upload an image from your computer.
      • Click Add New Gallery Image to enter more images if you require more than one.
      • Click Browse to choose and upload an additional image from your computer.
      • It is advisable to use a system for naming image files e.g. so the names relate to the product, names are not duplicated and so you can find them.
      • Input text or HTML to the HTML Content box to add a caption to the additional images.
      • If more than one additional image is added, click on the vertical double arrow icon to drag and drop images to change their order of display if required.
      • Click the Red Trash Icon to delete any additional image.


  • Click Save

With the example inputs shown above, when the product image is clicked on the product page in the shop, a sliding carousel that will cycle through all the images will pop up like this:


If digital downloads are being sold - see Download

Read more about Search Engine Optimisation here - Search Engine Optimisation

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